Apostolic Gospel Church of Harris, MN

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United Pentecostal Church International

United Pentecostal Church International

Lively Congregational Singing!

Bible Inspired Morality!

Intense and Personal Prayer!

Spiritual Renewal!

Involved Worship and Praise!


Bible Based Preaching!

Personal Testimonies!

Biblical Water Baptism!

Foreign Missionary Reports!


Service Schedule

Sunday Morning Worship             	10:00 a.m.
        & Sunday School

Our Sunday morning worship service with singing and prayer is followed by adult bible study and Sunday School for children and teenagers.

Sunday Evening Service              	06:00 p.m.

Our Sunday evening begins with prayer at 5:30 p.m. The evening service is filled with with singing, worship, and inspired preaching.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study   	07:30 p.m.

Our Wednesday evening service is filled with worship, and bible study.

Apostolic Gospel Church of Harris, MN is filled with Pentecostal believers who have personally experienced the life changing power of Jesus Christ.  Just like the church in the New Testament of the bible, we attend each service expecting God to move upon us and our visitors with power and love!